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As a member of UNI Dance Marathon, you have the opportunity to help support our 37 Miracle Kiddos and their families. The happiness and strength our kiddos possess is never lost on me. Many of our kiddos are the healthiest they have ever been, which is a definite cause for celebration! We also have the opportunity to celebrate the lives that 4 of our kiddos lived, as they will continue to dance in our hearts forever.

Unfortunately, this has not been the easiest year for almost 15-year old Miracle Kid, Will. With a relapse of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, he has had an uphill climb. Over two months ago, Will received a bone marrow transplant. Last week, Will hit the halfway point of his recovery from the transplant. The next few days and weeks are crucial for his health. Please join us in keeping Will and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Since she was born, soon to be 5-year old Brooklin has had heart failure. As a result, she had an external pacemaker. Unfortunately, the pacemaker did not work, causing her heart to stop. Brooklin and her mom have spent countless time in and out of the hospital, as well as the Ronald McDonald house in Iowa City. Currently, Brooklin is on medication to help with her heart. Let’s send Brooklin some DM love, as we continue to think of her and support her!

Ava and Jayden, our Miracle sibling duo, have seen the good, as well as the bad, this year. Both Ava and Jayden have Carnitine Deficiency. Symptoms of Carnitine Deficiency can cause these sweet kiddos to be sick, have weak muscles, and much more. Jayden also struggles with Epilepsy, among other things. Throughout this year, Ava and Jayden have seen physicians, often with unanswered questions. Please keep these fun-loving siblings in your thoughts as we near our Big Event.

With the kiddos who are happy and healthy, we continue to celebrate. With the kiddos who fight unpredictable circumstances, we continue to support and raise awareness of their journeys. May each of our kiddos stories continue to encourage, motivate, and inspire you!

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