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1. When and how did you first hear about Dance Marathon? I first heard about Dance Marathon when my high school did a mini-dance marathon for Loras' Dance Marathon. I heard about UNI Dance Marathon through a friend who was involved and I went with her to the Public Relations committee and I fell in love with it. 2. What is your role in the organization now? I am a member of the Fundraising committee as well as a dancer! 3. What is the best part about being involved in Dance Marathon? I love seeing the progress of the fundraising from the start of the year until the big reveal. It is the greatest feeling knowing that all of our hard work pays off in the best way; for in my opinion, one of the best causes out there. 4. What was the most memorable part about last year’s event? My most memorable moment about last year's event was definitely the big reveal. It was my first year on a committee, and I got asked to be a part of the reveal. Seeing all of the executive team and morale captains reactions was amazing. It was such a humbling experience and I could not be more thankful for that. 5. Why should other people be involved in Dance Marathon and attend this year’s event? I think that people should be involved in Dance Marathon because it is one of the most rewarding organizations you can be a part of. You get to see the children and families that are helped through our fundraising, and it just makes you feel so great about yourself. You get to do something great for the community and have fun while you're doing it! I mean come on, who doesn't like dancing and free food? 6. Why do you think Dance Marathon has become so successful across the nation? It has become successful because it is one of those organizations where you actually get to see what your support and donations are going towards. To me, Dance Marathon is successful because of all of the students and staff who pour their hearts and souls into this organization, and they really help others feel what they feel when they talk about the organization. 7. How has fundraising been successful for you and why would you encourage others to fundraise for DM? Fundraising has been successful for me because of our Fundraising committee. We took time during our meeting and sent letters to friends, family, and family friends and asked them to support us in our journey to reach our fundraising goals. Knowing that I am raising money to help these families motivates me to work as hard as I can to reach and potentially surpass my goal. I tell others to fundraise for Dance Marathon because this money doesn't only help the families at the University of Iowa Children's Hospital now, but it helps improve the technology and facilities for families who stay there in the future.

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