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When and why did you initially get involved with Dance Marathon? Last year was my first year at UNI and I thought it sounded cool, but as time went on I got involved in other things. When people started to ask me to sign up I really did not want to, but Natalie Rork convinced me after a long time of trying and I went to the event and fell in love with the organization. What made you want to be a Morale Captain? I wanted to be a captain because I really love to lead people; it is one of my favorite things and what better thing to lead people in than this amazing organization. Also, after last year’s DM I really fell in love with the whole idea of the campus and campuses all across the nation coming together to beat life threatening illness. What are your duties as a morale captain? As a morale captain we are the face of Dance Marathon to the campus with our biggest responsibility during the year being to recruit people to be dancers What fundraising advice do you have for dancers who may be struggling to fundraise? ASK, ASK, ASK, and ask again. If you keep asking somebody who hasn't said no yet, there's still a chance they'll donate, and the more you ask the more comfortable you will feel. Also, be creative with who you ask. Ask your families friends when you go home on a weekend, send hand written letters out to your parents holiday card lists, if you put in the effort, then the money will come. What has been your favorite experience through Dance Marathon? My favorite experience was the big event last year but something this year has been meeting all of the other morale captains and committee members. It has been really cool to get to know all these people who want the same thing, to impact the lives of kiddos in the hospital. What is your favorite thing about DM? My favorite thing is seeing how much families are affected by college students. It is truly amazing to see how we work in people’s lives and how big of a difference we as a campus can make. What do you look forward to the most as the Big Event approaches? I am not a crier, but I am looking forward to see how much we raise this year. We have a lofty goal, but I have confidence in our student body and what we can accomplish. I plan on needing tissues after the big reveal. Look for me because it is a rare occasion.

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