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Orange is for Why

What do you think of when you see orange? The answer is most likely UNI DM, but what about the color orange catches your attention? The color orange makes our lives so much more exciting, from the everyday products we use to the sign you see on the side of the road, orange catches your attention. The color orange brings brightness and cheers through its hues.

According to Bourn Creative, orange is associated with the meanings of joy, warmth, heat sunshine, creativity, balance, freedom, and expression. Orange promotes a sense of well being and positive emotional energy. Orange also induces self-pride and increase motivation.

We see many of these qualities in our organization, our dancers bringing creativity into fundraising efforts, morale captains helping promote expression in our message For The Kids. We see the effects of the color orange in so many beautiful ways within this organization. We are proud to wear our orange, and we are proud to have such a powerful color to represent our organization and our kiddos.

But my favorite orange is DM orange.

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