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In Memory of Tristan

Tristan Marlow was a student at UNI who participated in UNI Dance Marathon for three years. Sadly, Tristan passed away last winter, but is still making a meaningful impact today. His mother, Julie, reflects on how giving Tristan was during his life to not only UNI Dance Marathon, but many other groups and organizations.


"Tristan was at UNI for four years, part of UNI Dance Marathon for three years, and planned on doing it for a fourth year before he passed away. Tristan always surprised us with the things he became involved in at UNI and he really came out of his shell there. He was involved at St. Stephen, the Witness Catholic Student Center, and Knight of Columbus. He joined things from prayer groups to swing dance and many things in between. We wanted to do something to honor Tristan’s memory and we were trying to think of something we could do. He loved his time at UNI and had raised money for the children's hospital through UNI Dance Marathon for three years, so we thought it would be a perfect fit to keep his legacy going.

Tristan was always doing things to help others. He was in boy scouts for years and earned his Eagle Scout rank as a sophomore in high school. During his years of Scouting, he did many acts of service for his fellow scouts and the community. At Christ The King School and Dowling in Des Moines and St. Albert High School in Council Bluffs, he was required to do a certain amount of hours of service each year. He always went above and beyond what was required of him.

Tristan felt at home at UNI and UNI did a lot of great things for him. UNI has been a blessing to us since Tristan passed away, helping us through our journey without him. We are still in contact with different groups within the UNI community and they are still helping us a year later by sending us letters and updates about his impact to the community."


During his time with UNI Dance Marathon, he was able to raise almost $500 for the kids. In memory and honor of Tristan, a donor drive has been created and his goal has been set at $5,000 by his parents, Troy and Julie. So far, over $1,400 has been raised. Click HERE to contribute to his donor drive in honor of the kids who have passed too soon.

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