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Our Fight.

University of Northern Iowa Dance Marathon is an organization that invites challenges and crushes goals. For the last 8 years, our program has continued to excel in our fundraising efforts.

Fundraising, for us, is less about the number that goes up, but for what the number represents. Our mission is to financially and emotionally support children and families who are battling or have battled life-threatening illnesses and injuries.

Together, we fight to make a difference in a child’s and family’s life.

We fight every moment of every day, to provide a child, a sibling, or a family with another.

We fight so that a child’s life isn’t confined to a hospital room.

We fight so a family can be a family.

We fight for more research.

We fight for more time.

We fight for more miracles.

We fight for a chance.

We fight to improve children’s health.

Together, we fight.

Our kiddos are our heroes. Our kiddos are our reason. If our kiddos can fight, we can dance.

This year we are fighting for $700,000.

Join our fight.

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