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Mini Marathons Making a Big Impact

Dance Marathon cannot run if it wasn’t from the hardworking individuals who make up and run our various committees. Today we are highlighting our Outreach committee. Outreach has the task of putting on and hosting mini-dance marathons around the state for different school districts and other organizations. It has been a great way to connect and educate students in grades K-12 about UNI Dance Marathon and our mission.

Freshman Haley Allen said she chose this committee because she was interested in getting to be in a school setting “I am going into the school of education, so I thought it was a good opportunity for me to not only be involved in Dance Marathon but also be able to reach out to schools and get to be with the kids.” UNI Dance Marathon has only fueled her desire to work with kids and give back.

One of Dance Marathon’s mottos is “this generation of kids fighting for the next”, and the Outreach committee gets to experience the next generation of kids fighting for themselves. Allen explains “we work with kids who are not only in the hospital but also their friends and classmates.” This past Friday, they held a mini-dance marathon at Holmes Junior High here in Cedar Falls. Three of our Miracle Kiddos attend Holmes and one got to share their story with their peers.

Haley’s favorite part about the Outreach committee is the dedication. “We are all really dedicated to reaching out to these schools and getting younger ages involved. It’s amazing to get younger kids to understand that some of their classmates don’t have it as easy as them.”

It is just the beginning of mini-marathon season for this committee. The word “mini” does not justify the amount of hard work that this committee does behind the scenes and significance Outreach is making in the Cedar Valley community and beyond. Thank you to all of our committee members who are helping create countless miracles For the Kids.

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