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October Dancer of the Month

November’s Dancer of the Month is Emma Mooers! Emma is a freshman marketing major, and she is a part of the Corporate Partnerships committee. She was nominated by Annie Lawler, the head of Corporate Partnerships, “Emma is always quick to volunteer to reach out to businesses about givebacks and donations and she always brings a positive attitude to whatever we're doing”.

Emma has gone above and beyond with her fundraising, especially as a freshman, and is currently the top fundraiser on her Morale team. She raised over $500 on Push Day, and has almost fundraised $1,000, nearly doubling her original goal of $500.

Emma joined Dance Marathon because she wanted to get involved on campus, and the cause means a lot to her. She decided to join a committee to get even more involved, and she thought that Corporate Partnerships would be a good fit because she is a business major, and it held several great networking opportunities with businesses in the area.

Emma says that her favorite way to fundraise is by posting on social media. She makes frequent Facebook posts, and follows up with family and friends for donations. Her best tip for any frustrated fundraisers out there is “Post as much as possible, get creative, and ask for help! You can never be too annoying”. Thank you for all you do FTK Emma!

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