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Dear Reader, Why Join Dance Marathon?

Nicole is a first year student at UNI and she, like many first year students, was unsure about diving head first into a student organization within her first few weeks at UNI, but she did exactly that with UNI Dance Marathon. This is her letter to anyone who may be feeling just like she did before deciding to take the leap and sign up for UNI Dance Marathon.

Dear Reader,

There are over 250 clubs and organizations at the University of Northern Iowa. Out of those 250, why join Dance Marathon? You see, Dance Marathon is so much more than just orange t-shirts, dance parties, and insane amounts of Facebook posts. It’s about working for something bigger than yourself, and seeing the impact you make on people’s lives firsthand. That’s why UNI Dance Marathon is the largest student organization on campus.

Before I knew much about Dance Marathon, I was scared to join an organization where I didn’t know anyone, I hated asking people for money, and I didn’t want to overextend myself. As soon as I walked into the first informational meeting, all those worries were gone when I watched the videos of the Miracle Kiddos, and saw what a huge impact UNI Dance Marathon makes. Everyone in that room was there because we had the same goal: dance and fight for the kiddos that can’t. Instead of letting my fear get in the way, I dove in head first and joined not one, but two committees. That’s where I found my passion and my purpose in the organization.

When you join UNI DM, you join a team of people who make miracles happen.There are so many events and opportunities to meet our Miracle Kiddos, to raise awareness about their diagnoses, and to spread the message of Dance Marathon! It takes a village to run this organization, and there truly is a place for everyone in the DM family!

If you’re reading this, and you aren’t registered for Dance Marathon, I encourage you to GO FOR IT even if you’re unsure. If you’re already registered, AWESOME! I now challenge you to continue sharing your story, and to recruit one new person to join Dance Marathon. Together we can share our stories, raise awareness, and make miracles happen.

FTK Every Day,


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