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Morale Captain Spotlight: Logan Winford

Morale Captains are an integral part of Dance Marathon. They make sure the energy level is high and are constantly promoting the organization. They are known for being an upbeat, positive, and outgoing group of individuals! Let’s take a minute to meet one of them!

Current sophomore, Logan Winford is in his second year of being a morale captain. He is no stranger to dance marathon and absolutely loves everything about it. He is currently majoring in physics, with a minor in astronomy. He enjoys looking at stars and can name all the constellations. He has an extremely outgoing personality and has great leadership skills that is beneficial to being a morale captain.

Why did you decide to get involved with Dance Marathon?

I saw an amazing opportunity to impact the lives of others in a phenomenal way and I have always wanted to help others, I also had the push of my good friend Natalie Rork to get me involved which I am incredibly grateful for.

What do you love most about this organization and how has it impacted you?

I love how dance marathon makes it so easy for anyone to get involved and be able to help others like our little miracle kiddos, everything we do for this organization ends up helping out someone else, and the reward of a little miracle kiddo coming up to you, with the biggest smile is priceless, and once that happened it changed my whole perspective.

What do you like about being a morale captain?

I love being a morale captain because of not only the amazing opportunities it has given me, but because I am a leader to others and in my opinion it is a job with that has many aspects to it, and being completely involved in this organization from head to toe is what I love.

What do you hope to see accomplished this year with DM?

I hope this year of dance marathon is a year that will break all the records, one people will remember and one that will have very heavily impacted my life.

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