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Since August, we have been using #AM2DM on all of our advertising, social media posts, etc. and many have asked what it means. For that, we say, "Thank you." By asking what #AM2DM is, you opened up a dialogue about Dance Marathon. You started the conversation with somebody who you thought might know what it is and they were able to tell you about Dance Marathon and our cause. If you've been asking what it means but haven't got an answer yet, here it is. #AM2DM is a play on a.m. to p.m. which everybody knows to be all about time. a.m. to p.m., on a basic level, means all day. When we switch out the p.m. for DM, we are still referencing the all day factor, but throwing in the fact that all day, everyday, we are FTK. No matter what time of day, no matter what time of the year, UNI Dance Marathon is for the kids. We are constantly thinking of our 40 miracle kiddos and concentrating on making their lives a little easier during a rough time. So during these last few days leading up to the Big Event, anytime you tweet, post, share, pin, etc., something about UNI Dance Marathon, use #AM2DM so your post can be associated with UNI DM and hopefully, somebody will ask you what it's all about you and you'll be able to tell them about Dance Marathon too!

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