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As we are less than one week out from UNI Dance Marathon 2015, I think it is a good time to send out a note of encouragement and a couple challenges for all of you. So, since our organization revolves around kids, I thought this quote from my childhood was fitting for this topic. “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not.” – Dr. Seuss

This very well represents what we do through Dance Marathon. We are not just a large group of UNI students that like to have fun, that are full of energy, and that wear a lot of orange. We are a group of people who want to do something meaningful and leave an impact on the next generation. To put it simply, we care. We care about the kids who are fighting day in and day out at the hospital. We care about the parents, siblings, and friends that are affected as well. But why do we care? I’ve heard hundreds of different reasons why UNI DM dancers care, but what it really boils down to is that we have a desire to help others. My personal motto as to why I dance is because I believe that every kid is important, and every kid needs to know they are important. Dance Marathon is one of those things that can make kids realize this. Think about it; how many other events can make hundreds of college students WANT to give up their weekend to go to a tiring 12 hour event, or make college students WANT to go out of their way to fundraise. To me, this just proves how inspirational kids can be. So I have a couple challenges for you in the coming week. First off, I challenge you to fundraise (or continue fundraising) so the hospital can continue to operate and help the kids that inspire us. This Saturday, I challenge you to meet a miracle kid; get to know their story, their hobbies, their personality. Also on Saturday, I challenge you to take in the event to the fullest; enjoy the entertainment, inflatables, and zorb balls. Lastly on Saturday, I challenge you to take a step back at some point during the day to fully recognize what is going on around you. Take a step back because as quickly as this event will be sneak up on us, is just as quickly as it will be over. As you take time to soak everything in, you will see how much hope we are providing to the hospital and our kiddos. You will see that we do care a whole awful lot.

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