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There’re only a few things in which I have a truly hopeless belief. I believe in the power of friendship. I believe that bigger dreams result in bigger success. And I believe in the power of numbers; one person can do amazing things, but 1,000 can do the unthinkable. (I also believe whole-heartedly in Harry Potter, but that’s a different story). My year on the Executive Team for UNI Dance Marathon has been full of laughs, late nights, and memories. Not only have I spent every stressful moment beside my best friend, but I’ve created lasting friendships with some of the most genuine people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. I believe in the power of friendship, because I know that friendship is synonymous with support, and support is something that leads to success in this organization. These friendships have inspired me to dream bigger. Whether it’s reaching for a really awesome entertainer, or convincing me that $225,000 is an attainable goal, DM is constantly pushing me towards bigger things. I have moments of hesitation—there are many, many days I doubt that we’ll get there, but the only reason I know that we will is because our dreams are bigger than any amount of fear. I’m graduating in a few months, and I think I’ve done some really cool things while I’ve been in college. I know that I have made a difference. But when I finish this DM season, one of the things I will be proudest of is that I will have watched over 1,000 students change the lives of hundreds of children. My voice matters, but it is a mere whisper compared to the screams we create as an entire organization. We are powerful. We matter. We are the power of 1,000. I chose to do Dance Marathon because I wanted to make a difference. I stayed a part of Dance Marathon because it has been a perfect image and outlet of all the things I know to be right in this world. These last few weeks, I challenge you to think about the things that matter in your life. Family. Love. Making a difference. Dance Marathon. One of the greatest things about Dance Marathon is that this cause is bigger than us, but sometimes it’s necessary to bring it back to why you started this all. “Keep your eyes on the horizon, and your feet on the ground.” We’re down to the last few weeks, and I hope you all have $225,000 in your sights, because I know we’ll get there. But while we work to finish off this year strong, take a moment to remember what truly connects you to this organization.Your belief in UNI Dance Marathon sparks passion, and passion ignites change. We have the power to change lives, you guys. And my biggest belief is that we absolutely will.

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