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Happy End to Finals Week, Dance Marathon!

As an Accounting major, you better believe that I completely understand how stressful this past week has been. There are many times that my position as Director of Sponsorship adds to the stress, because I have a big responsibility! But this past week, and other times I’m buried in homework and obligations, I take some time to think about what all my hard work really means, and it always makes me feel a little better. Here’s why: I was first introduced to Dance Marathon my freshman year when I signed up to attend the Big Event. In 12 hours, I realized the impact that I could make through this organization; I really wanted to be involved in something bigger than myself. The following year, I joined the Finance Committee, which gave me a unique perspective, and played into my strengths as an Accounting major. On the day of, when I got to help add the total up, I finally realized how much of a difference I could make. After that, I decided to apply for an executive position, was offered and accepted Director of Sponsorship, and Dance Marathon still continues to change the way I live my life each day. Since becoming Director of Sponsorship, I’ve gained an array of professional skills that I never would have without this position. I spend a lot of time talking with businesses and interns, delegating tasks, and leading meetings. If there’s one committee who can really sell DM, it’s mine! I’ve been really lucky to be surrounded by such hardworking executive members and committee members all year. As much fun as I’ve had, it’s taken a lot of hard work. Sponsorship has pushed me to my limits, it has challenged me in ways I’ve never thought I would experience, and I’ve hit struggles and obstacles that I really thought might stand in my way, but the best thing about DM is that no matter how many struggles arise, you learn through the power of this organization how to have hope. During days and weeks of high stress, sometimes all it takes is a little reminder of what your hard work really means. For me, it’s seeing the final total on the day-of, watching hundreds of students support a cause I believe in with my whole heart, and getting to hang out with the miracle kiddos, helping them to smile and forget about the difficulties in their lives. The smiles and the laughter—the lifelong memories—that’s what Dance Marathon is all about. Above everything else, the best thing DM has shown me is that no matter who you are, where you come from, or what you do, you have the power to change a life. As long as you want to help the kiddos, there is a place for you in Dance Marathon. So enjoy these couple of weeks off and when it comes time to start school again, don't forget to take a deep breath during your busy weeks and remember why this cause matters- why each of you matter. You are so important to this organization, and your hard work makes a difference. Challenge yourself to raise more money this year than you did last year, or bring someone new to the Big Event on March 7th. Whatever you do, take a lesson from our miracle kiddos and don’t let the little stressors in your life get you down. FTK!

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