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The UNI Dance Marathon 2022 Miracle Makers are proud to serve the Miracle Network Dance Marathon movement, so please feel free to contact the Directors and Assistant Directors with any questions!


Abigail Tentinger

Director of Finance

Abigail is a senior at UNI studying Finance. This will be her fourth year in UNI Dance Marathon. 

Favorite DM Memory: "Getting to be a part of the big reveal of my sophomore year and looking out into the sea of college students, giving up their Saturday, fighting for something that is so much bigger than themselves. It is an experience I will never forget."

DM Why: "When I was younger I had surgery to fix a part of my heart at the Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital. Before the surgery I was limited on the things that I could do and it was never fun to see my friends or other kids able to do those things that I couldn't. Then I had the surgery and I was able to do all those things I wasn't able to do before! I fight for the kiddos that have limitations and have to watch their friends do things they can't. I fight in hopes someday those kiddos won't have limitations. I fight for those kiddos so that they can have a normal life like you and I get to do everyday."

Fun Fact: Abigail has ridden a pig before!

Contact Abigail for donation and registration questions and employer matching donations.

Ava Rowe

Director of Corporate Partnerships

Ava is a first year graduate student studying Speech-Language Pathology and graduated from UNI Spring of 2021. This will be Ava's third year in UNI Dance Marathon.

Favorite DM Memory: "Being a morale captain last year! It was so fun to dive further into this organization. I loved getting to know more people and making the morale dance."

DM Why: "Being a part of Dance Marathon has allowed me to be included in something bigger than myself. If my efforts through this organization in any way can allow a child or family's life to be better, it is worth it. I'm especially passionate about this because my sister has received life-changing care in the U of I clinics that my family will forever be grateful for. I hope that we can help our kiddos have the same experience."

Fun Fact: Ava could eat pickles for every meal!​

Contact Ava for sponsorship and giveback opportunities.


Allie Hittner

Assistant Director of Corporate Partnership

Allie ​is a junior at UNI studying Psychology with a minor in both Mental Health and Family Services. This will be Allie's third year in Dance Marathon. 

Favorite DM Memory: "My favorite memory of DM so far was the Big Event both my freshman and sophomore year but I also enjoyed being a morale captain my sophomore year. I had a team of 29 people so I had a blast that I was able to lead and help my team fight for the kids."

DM Why: "As I have grown up I have come to realize that I have a passion to help others and I love to help kids. Before I came to college it was a dream of mine to help others in any way that I could. When I first heard of Dance Marathon my senior year of high school I knew I wanted to join when I came to college because kids deserve to be kids. Dance Marathon has been such a big part of my college experience and I have learned so much through this organization. I can't wait to see what's in store for this next year of DM!"

Fun Fact: Allie played sports left-handed but she writes right-handed!


Courtney Jarrett

Director of Morale

Courtney is a junior at UNI studying Interior Design with an Entrepreneurship minor. This will be Courtney's second year in Dance Marathon.

Favorite DM Memory: "Big Event 2021 power hour with my fellow captains."

DM Why: "I fight for the kiddos because I want to make a difference in kiddos lives that don’t get the same opportunities as others. I have been fortunate enough to experience so many amazing things. I want kiddos to be able to experience the same things I got to and I want to be the reason they get that chance. I can’t take away the pain they feel, but I can do everything I can to try and support them and make a difference in their lives."

Fun Fact: Courtney played volleyball in the 2019 NJCAA Volleyball Championships!

Contact Courtney for any questions about joining a UNI DM team and if interested in being a morale captain!


Emily Churchill

Director of Design

Emily is a senior at UNI studying RTNL (Recreation, Tourism, and Nonprofit Leadership. This will be her first year in UNI Dance Marathon.

Favorite DM Memory: "Reaching my summer fundraising goal just minutes after creating my Facebook fundraiser!"

DM Why: "I participate in DM because I know how scary it can be to have a serious medical diagnosis, so I want to be a part of an organization that not only raises funds so that the hospitals can get the medical resources needed, but also to be in an organization that acts as a support system so that the families and kiddos never feel alone."

Fun fact: Emily played the cello for 8 years.

Contact Emily for design information.


Haley Dash

Director of Fundraising

Haley ​is a junior at UNI studying Accounting. This will be Haley's first year in Dance Marathon.

Favorite DM Memory: "Donating my hair alongside my sister Hannah. This is my first year in DM so I’m looking forward to meeting new friends within the organization, and meeting and helping new kiddos and their families! I’m also looking forward to the big event!!!"

DM Why: "I chose to be involved in Dance Marathon for the same reason that I donate blood, simply because I can when others can’t or won’t. I am choosing to help raise funds for these miracle kiddos and their families because it means they will have a chance at a happier life and I love seeing kids be happy."

Fun Fact: Haley has a birthmark on her wrist that looks like a paw print!

Contact Haley for fundraising ideas & suggestions. 


Mackenzie O'Neil

Director of Outreach

Mackenzie is a senior at UNI studying Athletic Training. This is her third year in UNI Dance Marathon.
Favorite DM Memory: "My first Big Event Power Hour and getting to work with CC and Annalee for the 2021 Big Event."
DM Why: "Two boys in my hometown have had to fight more than anyone should in their life. Sadly, one of them lost their fight with cancer this spring. But, the other received a heart transplant! Fighting for kiddos like these is why I'm so involved. Kids should get to be kids."
Fun Fact: Mackenzie danced for 14 years and was a part of a competitive dance team.
Contact Mackenzie for Mini Marathon information.​

Caitlyn Tibodeau

Assistant Director of Outreach

Caitlyn ​is a junior at UNI studying Elementary Education and minors in TESOL and Literacy. This will be Caitlyn's third year in Dance Marathon.

Favorite DM Memory: "I loved meeting miracle kids and their families at the big event my freshman year! They all inspired me so much and made the day SO fun! I had the opportunity to play games with the kids, hear their stories, and even complete fundraising challenges together. I look forward to forming even more connections this DM season!"

DM Why: "Every child deserves to live a healthy and happy life. Improving the future of children's health is very important to me. I plan on teaching elementary students after I graduate from UNI. Each one of my future students deserves to focus on simply being a kid, rather than battling health issues. When I joined UNI Dance Marathon, I wanted to be involved in something bigger than myself. Since then, the organization has gotten closer to my heart and means so much to me!"

Fun Fact: Caitlyn has been to the top of the Eiffel Tower!


Emma Durian

Assistant Director of Mini Marathons

Emma ​is a junior at UNI with an undecided major. This will be her third year in Dance Marathon.

Favorite DM Memory: "My first power hour at the big event!"

DM Why: "I dance for all of our amazing miracle kiddos. Their strength and resilience inspires me everyday."

Fun Fact: Emma is afraid of the squirrels on UNI's campus.


Madi Barnhardt

Director of Big Event

Madi is a junior at UNI studying Family Services with an emphasis in Biology. This will be Madi's third year in UNI Dance Marathon.


Favorite DM Memory: "Standing silent and ready for the final reveal at my first big event, and then seeing the numbers of how many miracles we made!"

DM Why: "Dance Marathon is larger than myself and these kiddos are stronger than any comic book superhero. I joined Dance Marathon with the passion of becoming a hero to miracle children...little did I know that they would become MY heroes."

Fun Fact: Madi is learning American Sign Language to one day become fluent!


Contact Madi for any entertainment ideas that you would like to see at the Big Event.


Grace Fleming

Assistant Director of Internal Logistics (Operations)

Grace is a sophomore at UNI studying Secondary Math Education. This will be Grace's second year in Dance Marathon.

Favorite DM Memory: "My favorite memory was being apart of the Big Reveal last year!"

DM Why: "My DM why is because I think it's so important to give our miracle kiddos even just a day where they can just be kids and not have to worry about being poked and tested in the hospital.  And so that one day those kiddos can dance FTK right alongside us!"

Fun Fact: Grace is a camp counselor during the Summer!


Autry Fasnacht

Assistant Director of Internal Logistics (Entertainment)

Autry is a junior at UNI studying Communications and Public Relations at UNI. This will be Autry's third year in UNI Dance Marathon.  

Favorite DM Memory: "Seeing the big reveal for both of the big events I have

been to. Being for the kids all year long."

DM Why: "One of my main reasons I am in DM is because I lost my birth mother to cancer when I was three. So I fight for her, and all of the kiddos I know."

Fun Fact: Autry has met Bella Thorne from Disney's, "Shake it Up" tv show. 


Madi Vanness

Director of Family Relations

Madi ​is a senior at UNI studying Family Relations with a minor in Mental Health. This will be her fourth year in Dance Marathon.

Favorite DM Memory: "Becoming close with our miracle families and bonding during all the amazing family events throughout the year!"

DM Why: "Every single kid deserves to live their life to the fullest and I truly believe we are the generation to end childhood illnesses and life threatening injuries. These kiddos fight so hard and it’s an honor to advocate for them!" 

Fun Fact: Madi did study abroad in Florence, Italy!

Contact Madi about your miracle kiddo joing our DM family and how to connect with our DM families. 


Mallory Schmitz

Director of Dancer Involvement

Mallory is a sophomore at UNI studying English with a minor in both Spanish and Professional Writing. This will be Mallory's second year in Dance Marathon.

Favorite DM Memory: "My favorite DM memory was being a part of the Event Planning Committee last year and getting to prep for events while also making some great friends!"

DM Why: "I fight for the kiddos because no family should feel like they’re on their own, no matter what situation they find themselves in."

Fun Fact: Mallory taught herself how to play guitar!

Contact Mallory about geting involved in the UNI DM organization and who to get connected with. 


Nicole Hassenstab

Director of Campus Relations

Nicole is a senior at UNI studying Strategic Public Relations and minors in both Political Science and International Affairs. This will be Nicole's fourth year in Dance Marathon. 


Favorite DM Memory: "My favorite DM memory was planning a virtual yoga event with my AD while I was the Director of Marketing where we got to safely do a yoga class and hang out with some miracle kiddos!"

DM Why: "My why is that so many kiddos don't get to experience the simple joys of everyday life that we often take for granted because they are in the hospital or are too sick to leave their homes. I want to help spread awareness and fundraise for cures so that everyone gets the chance to experience life's little joys."

Fun Fact: Nicole has been to the top of a volcano and snorkeled in a volcanic crater in Hawaii!

Contact Nicole about sorority/fraternity life, student orgs, sports, etc. being involved with UNI DM. 


Rachel Studer

Director of Alumni

Rachel is a junior at UNI studying Elementary Education with a minor in both Math and Tesol. This will be Rachel's third year in Dance Marathon.

Favorite DM Memory: "My favorite dance marathon memory was being part of the family relations committee my freshman year. We were able to help create the family room and hang out there. I liked being able to connect with families and really get to know our miracle kiddos."

DM Why: "I fight for the kiddos because my parents lost their first child to SIDS (sleeping infant death syndrome). Although this is not a childhood illness or injury our organization deals with, there is limited research towards SIDS like many of the illnesses our miracle kiddos endure. Additionally, my parents still grieve and I understand how they felt to have lost their child and I do not want other parents or families to feel that pain."

Fun Fact: Rachel is on the swim team for UNI!

Contact Rachel for questions about how to get involved in our cause as an alum. 


Riley Fridinger 

Director of Marketing

Riley is a senior at UNI studying Public Relations and Marketing. This will be her fourth year being involved in UNI Dance Marathon.

Favorite DM Memory: "Cutting her best friend, Sarah's hair at the 2020 Big Event. It was something so special because you could tell it meant so much to the kiddos receiving it."

DM Why: "I have never known a life of constantly battling illness. I was very fortunate that the worst sickness I dealt with was the common cold. However, this is not the case for many kiddos at the U of I Stead Children's Family Hospital. They might not get easy days often and battle for their lives daily. I know what a childhood of playdates, days in school, playing every sport known to a person, and gathering with my family feels like and some of these kiddos don't. I will continue to fight for these kiddos to see that kind of childhood. A childhood without hospital beds and needle pokes so they can make it through the night. If there is anything I can do to help these families and their children out, I want to do that for them. I want to continue fighting for kids' health so that they can have a better tomorrow, a better future and a family of their own someday."

Fact: Riley has been out of the U.S. twice and has a dream of traveling the world. 

Contact Riley for press releases and media information.


Toni Fortman

Director of Media

Toni is a senior at UNI studying Communication Sciences and Disorders on a pre Speech Pathology track. This will be Toni's first year in UNI Dance Marathon. 
Favorite DM Memory: "I'd have to say my favorite memory with DM has been working with our miracle families during family photo shoots. It's been such a fun way to connect with families and kiddos."
DM Why: "I wanted to be a part of Dance Marathon to help the cause. No child should ever have to go through the battles that our miracle kiddos do. Dance Marathon is truly for the kids and that's why I love the organization so much."
Fun Fact: Toni got her first camera when she was just 8 years old!
Contact Toni for photo and videography information.

Kate Rogers

Assistant Director of Media

Kate is a sophomore at UNI studying Business and Marketing. This will be Kate's second year in UNI Dance Marathon.

Favorite DM Memory: "Since last year we didn’t have an in person Dance Marathon that is what I'm looking forward to. Being able to have the event hopefully go back to where everyone can be in person!"

DM Why: "I fight for the kiddos so that they can follow their dreams."

Fun Fact: Kate has never had mac and cheese. 


Paige Nimrick

Assistant Director of Event Planning

Paige ​is a junior at UNI studying Elementary Education with Math and Special Education minors. This will be Paige's third year in Dance Marathon.

Favorite DM Memory: "Meeting all the families at my first big event and hearing their stories."

DM Why: "My why begins with my younger cousin. She was born at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s hospital. I was able to see first hand how dance marathon helps kiddos and families. I want to be the support for families who need it the most. I saw how much a friendly face can help. I am in Dance Marathon because I want to be that friendly face for someone."

Fun Fact: Paige loves to knit!