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Who's Behind the Big Event

Planning for an event as large and impactful as UNI Dance Marathon's Big Event is no small feat--just ask the dedicated members of the Day Of committee, who are responsible for a planning, scheduling, and executing the Big Day. Members of this committee are tasked with brainstorming ideas for entertaining people and keeping them excited and motivated. They plan the meal times, theme hours, main stage events, as well as the downstairs rooms full of activities like arts and crafts, silent disco and a games room.

For Day Of committee member, Lauren Kass, being a part of this hands-on committee was a challenge that she eagerly wanted to accept. Having been in Dance Marathon in her high school, she knew that when she came to college she “wanted to be a part of something more”, and knew that the Day Of committee was the place for her, since she loves to plan and organize. She is also a member of the Family Relations committee, where she plans monthly events for the miracle families that are at the heart of UNIDM.

One of Lauren’s favorite part of this committee is being so behind-the-scenes, “you get to basically be in charge of the Big Event, and plan if you want something to be there, you can make it happen”. Members of this committee spend their meetings brainstorming ways to keep people energized throughout the day, scheduling all of the events on the Big Day, creating decorations for the many downstairs rooms, and testing out their ideas for different games and activities.

From set up until tear down, The Day Of committee is responsible for making the Big Event a day that no one will ever forget. Thank you Lauren and the Day Of committee for all of your hard work in making our Big Event so much fun!

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