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Committee Chairs

Change is hard. Some people welcome it and others have a difficult time adjusting to it. Over the past 5 years, UNI Dance Marathon has lived and breathed by this word. We are always looking to do bigger and better things than we have done in the past and the reality of striving for this is that change is inevitable.

We have to be willing to make changes in order to grow.

This summer, the executive team made a big decision that is going to impact our organization for years to come. We’ve grown a lot in 5 years and with this growth we have realized our need to better develop the next generation of leaders of Dance Marathon at UNI.

As we head into the school year, we are restructuring how our organization operates a little bit. We have created 17 committee chair positions that will serve in greater capacities as a member of UNI Dance Marathon than that of a committee member. These chair positions allow us 13 directors to provide better leadership for this organization and support all of our committee members as we bring on an additional 17 leaders.

Finance Chair (Finance)

Finance Chair (Finance)

Videography Chair (Media)

Photography Chair (Media)

Marketing Chair (Public Relations)

Sponsor Stewardship Chair (Sponsorship)

Recruitment Chair (Development)

Day of Chair (Family Relations)

Events Chair (Family Relations)

Community Outreach Chair (Family Relations)

Birthday/Care Chair (Family Relations)

Internal Chair- Greek/Athletics (Community Relations)

External Chair- Faculty/Alumni (Community Relations)

Logistics Chair (Operations/Entertainment)

Dancer Fundraising Chair (Fundraising)

Events Chair (Fundraising)

Morale Chair (Morale)

To apply for a position, go to to submit an application. Applications are open until Tuesday, August 23 at 5 pm and interviews will be held thatThursday, August 25.

It’s a big step for UNI DM, but our executive board is confident that adding these 17 positions will allow us to continue to grow and be a leading Dance Marathon program in the country!

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